Sol Plaatjie

Inspired by Volume IV of The Sol Plaatje European Union (Multilingual) Poetry Anthology (published in 2002) after the first three which were published, I wrote this foreword to it and selected the first, second and third winners, after a submitted short list by Ingrid de Kok, Johann de Lange and Goodenough Mashego for that year […]

Kea Moreotsene

The spoken word…

What relevance is your existence to humanity?

By Linda Kea Moreotsene… The answer to extending humanity’s life span could be lying in SA, specifically Limpopo and it is a gift that South Africans dare not waste. This is the view of professor Mongane Wally Serote, who believes the remains of the seven ancient residents from the Kingdom of Mapungubwe could be the […]